Hello, I’m Aswin. I’m a 22 year old Malayali from Kerala, currently living in Bengaluru. I love to do software engineering, writing, photo-videography, and play music.

I want to build new things to improve the world through engineering or through other creative outputs.

Here are some of my interests:

Computer science:

I like computers and what is possible with them. At the beginning of my “computer journey”, as a freshman at my university, I was exclusively interested in systems. But lately, as I got acquainted with other things of the stack, I like almost all parts of it, and been more on the line of “make what people want”.

More can be found on my technical talks and projects page of this website and my Github: @officialcjunior

Everything else

I like writing, music, art and its aesthetics, especially: photography, filmmaking, pianos, and writing. I put my long writings on this blog, my everyday thoughts on Twitter, and the rest visual arts on Instagram.

More can be found on my art portfolio page of this website and on the following social media pages.

Twitter (Formerly X) : @chandanaveli

Instagram : @aswincveli

GitHub : @officialcjunior

In the press and elsewhere

My current favourite and most generalized philosophy of life can summed up in this:

http://stevejobsarchive.com/book from https://twitter.com/krishnadusad/status/1645832927652253701/photo/1